Rebooting Democracy: A Citizen's Guide to Reinventing Politics

Rebooting Democracy is a (very) short book that was published in Britain in 2014. By December of that year, it had become the #1 best-selling title on democracy on Amazon UK. Later, Rebooting Democracy was also published in Greek and Portuguese translations.

The book is available for purchase for the price of a few cups of coffee (from your local bookstore, Amazon or Amazon UK) as well as a free download from this page.

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Table of contents

Praise for Rebooting Democracy




A brief detour: 10 reasons why politicians fail to represent us (and always will)

Delegation and irreflection: the twin roots of failed political representation

#1 Discovering citizen deliberation in the Pacific Northwest

#2 Voting like the Irish while campaigning like the French

#3 Keeping a tight grip: the Swiss-Oregonian lock

#4 Learning from the British tabloid press

#5 Recovering our distance vision in Saint Petersburg